The ever changing world of business presents new and more lucrative opportunities in far flung places all the time. To seize these opportunities, modern businesses rely on office relocation services to efficiently offer services where they are valued the most.

Globe Packways offers a variety of office relocation, server, and data centre solutions. We've been relocating small and large businesses for over 40 years and are familiar with the challenges of office relocation. We assist firms in planning and executing efficient office relocations using our knowledge, infrastructure, specialised equipment, and professional staff. Our customers trust us because we have the in-depth expertise and experience to handle the relocation of any size swiftly, effectively, and, most importantly, on time and within budget.

We ensure that your staff are productive from the moment they step into the new office site, with no interruptions. Alongside our main services, we also offer valuable advice and suggestions that help our customers avoid inadvertent costs associated with relocating an office.

Our Service Included

  • Survey of the goods.
  • Understanding your requirements, special needs & constraints.
  • Assessing material & manpower requirements.
  • Providing useful tips and suggestions to employees to reduce the moving time.
  • Cautioning administrators of problem areas.
  • Preparing a foolproof move plan.
  • Professional packing of office equipment
  • Special packing for sensitive equipment
  • Careful handling of Server and critical equipment
  • Specialized crating for Server Racks.
  • Moving of heavy equipment like safes. Vaults.

Our Mission

Global Packways deliver exceptional moving and relocation services that include individualized solutions. We are dedicated for it.

Our Vision

To make relocation and moving a stress-free task and providing exceptional service, convenience, and value with the customer at the center of everything we do.

Core Values

Our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations by maintaining solid connections to advance our customers' requests’ goals while providing the best service.