When moving operations take longer than expected there arises the need to store the belongings. To store the belongings safely, professional packers and movers provide warehousing and storage services.

Many of us are unaware of this service, but it is available like any other moving service. When relocating to another state or nation, we may require a storage facility to store our belongings until we are fully situated in the new town. For this, you can use warehousing and storage services.

At Global Packways, we provide warehousing services on a set rent basis on a monthly, fortnightly, or weekly basis as desired by the customers for the safety of the items for a longer period of time. This allows our customers to easily retrieve their shipments according to their schedules.

Our well-managed services are made available for all the places that are serviced by our branch/network, and we give safe storage space for important goods till they are delivered.

We offer world-class storage facilities for both long and short-term storage needs. Our cutting-edge storage facilities provide you with the convenience, security, and cost that you deserve. Our warehouses are well-kept, have 24-hour security, are completely insured, and come with firefighting and safety equipment.

Benefits of Service

  • Temperature Controlled and Ambient Storage.
  • Bulk Storage
  • Additional export and import services, as well as bonded warehousing
  • Receiving, shipping, and choosing automation at the warehouse.
  • RFID technology is being used to track and control inventory.
  • Operation is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Storage of seasonal overflow.
  • Warehouses are available for exclusive as well as shared use.
  • Agricultural and food-grade storage.
  • warehousing on the field.
  • warehouse with cross-docking.